Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For St. Valentine's Day

Antes do referendo pela despenalização da IVG, em frente da Igreja de S. Domingos, Rossio, Lisboa.

A wall can be an ideological battlefield, overlaying graffiti the weapons.

This metal wall around a construction site, near the Casa dos Bicos, in downtown Lisbon, was sprayed with swastikas and a celtic cross (these particular fascists are somewhat ignorant of their own symbology, for they painted left-spinning swastikas). A few days later, someone transformed the swastikas into curtained windows and wrote "Nazis no Lixo" (Nazis in the trash) and "Recicla a Atitude" (Recycle your Attitude). The third phrase was already there, prior to the neo-nazi garbage, and reads "O mundo está escuro, ilumina a tua parte" (The world is dark, iluminate your share).